Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

Flexibility in Start Times for Football this Saturday

01 Jul 2024


Hi all,

I have already had many emails from clubs requesting if there can be flexibility in the start times of matches this Saturday because of the England football team’s quarter-final kicking off at 5pm.

As we have done in the past when there is a clash with an important England football fixture we are allowing clubs to have some flexibility for this Saturday only. This will hopefully allow for more of your members to play, fixtures to be fulfilled and clubs to enjoy the match together.

The league suggests the following:

Current timings (for majority of fixtures)

12.30pm start 

3.30pm tea

4pm restart

Start of last hour 5.40pm

Close 6.40pm

Suggested start times

10am start

1pm tea

1.30pm restart

Start of last hour 3.10pm

Close 4.10pm

Clubs do not have to follow the above, it is between clubs to agree on the start time.

The time format must remain the same, and a full game must still try to be played.

1st XI Premier Division the length of their matches should stay the same as normal - but they can also start early if they wish.

If your club wants to change start times please do the following

1 Contact your opposition and agree on a start time (all clubs please be open to a conversation and discussion)

2 When this is agreed please email me tpc1981@hotmail.com Paul secretary@essexcricket.com and of course any umpires and officials that need to also be informed.

3 Check that play cricket has the correct start time for you match

If there is bad weather about then the start time agreed between clubs cannot be moved.

I hope that is all clear and helps clubs out.


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman