Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

Matches Tomorrow

05 Jul 2024

Hi all,

Been a very busy week - it has been so glad to see that clubs have been talking to each other about revised start times tomorrow. We have had over 50 matches that have decided to change their timings - well over half - so we are happy to see that there was an appetite to be flexible where possible.

For those clubs that couldn’t agree on a revised start time, please ensure that the game is played in the usual spirit that we expect.


1 Has your match had its play cricket start time changed? Check on your own play cricket sites, or here https://essexcl.play-cricket.com/Matches?tab=Fixture

2 If the time still needs to be updated please email tpc1981@hotmail.com and secretary@essexcricket.com - timings on play cricket must be correct by end of play today.

3 Start times cannot be changed tomorrow morning, there may be rain about, normal rain rules shall apply from the new start time.

4 Make sure all your officials, tea providers and ground staff know of any early start times.

Phishing Emails

If you ever receive an email from myself or someone claiming to be from the committee, asking you to handle a request or to transfer funds this may be a scam. We have had several attempts for people to clone or use similar email addresses as our own.

If you are uncertain please give me a ring or text to confirm - and then report the email as you would any other scam/phishing attempt.

I hope tomorrow goes well, the rain avoids us and the England team makes the efforts we have all made worthwhile.


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman