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Essex League Complaints Procedure

Essex League Complaints Procedure



  1. The Essex League (“the League”) is committed to providing a high-quality service to all those it works with and to ensuring that a complaints policy and associated procedures are in place.
  2. All complaints received will be dealt with promptly, fairly and confidentially. Our emphasis is on the early resolution of problems with minimum of disruption. We also want to learn from any mistakes we make.
  3. This policy represents our normal approach to the handling of complaints. If you feel you have a complaint you should follow the steps below to seek a satisfactory resolution to your complaint.

  4. Complaints

  5. A complaint for this purpose is a written expression of dissatisfaction, whether it is justified or not. It may be about the standard of the service that we provide, about decisions we take or about the behaviour of ourselves or of others (including member clubs).
  6. We will not normally deal with anonymous complaints, other than in a general way, given the difficulty of carrying out a full investigation. However, we will retain such complaints on file as they may provide an early warning in the delivery of our services.
  7. Disciplinary issues will not be dealt with under this Procedure, but rather under the League’s Disciplinary Procedure.
  8. We will treat all complaints seriously and with courtesy and fairness at all times. We will keep anyone making a complaint regularly updated until the complaint is resolved.

  9. Process

  10. All complaints should be made by post or e-mail to the League’s Secretary (or, if the complaint involves him/her) to the League’s Chairman using the latest contact details given on the League’s website. Decisions will then be taken on the level of investigation required and as to who will carry out the investigation. We endeavour to acknowledge all complaints within four working days. The League reserves the right to charge a deposit of £100 which will be fully refundable if, following the investigation, the complaint is upheld.
  11. All complaints received will be logged and reported to the League’s Committee so that we can monitor any trends and aim it improve what we do. They will be handled in accordance with all legislation relating to Data Protection and will be treated confidentially except to the extent necessary to carry out a proper investigation.
  12. Following completion of the investigation, the complainant will be advised of our decision and all appropriate action to solve the problem properly will be taken.
  13. A complainant who is not happy with the outcome of a complaint may lodge an appeal by post or e-mail with the Chairman of Essex Cricket in the Community using the latest contact details given on Essex Cricket’s website. His/her decision will be final and will not be subject to any further appeal.


Version 1 - October 2020