Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

Start Times, Rule 15, Challenge Matches

08 Aug 2022

Challenge Matches Today

A final reminder there is a Women’s match at 3pm and a Men’s match at 7pm today at the Cloud County Ground Chelmsford. 

Both matches feature a Hamro Foundation Essex League team versus an East Anglian Premier League team - please come and support the players. 

Entry is free.

Overs Matches Return - START TIMES

A reminder that all matches are back to being Overs matches from this coming Saturday.

Due to the length of these matches and the shortening days there are also different start times for some XIs for the last 4 matches.

1st XI Divisions - 11.30am start

2nd XI Divisions - 12noon start

All Other Divisions - 12.30pm start

All times are correct on Play Cricket.

1st and 2nd XIs should also make sure to have the correct Duckworth Lewis software and hardware required for the matches.

Rule 15 - Players Who Have Played 9 Games Or More In A Higher Xi

A reminder that Rule 15 comes into play from this week - any club who wants to drop a player down a side who has played 9 matches or more in higher XIs must get clearance to do so by filling out the form at this link https://forms.gle/DboJidrsw5wJhyJb8 and you will then get a confirmation that the player is allowed to play directly from the Chairman.

15.      No member club shall, without the sanction of the Executive Committee made by 2.00 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the date of a match, play any player in such match in any of the 2nd XI Divisions or below during the last four matches of any season of the Essex League who has played during that season in 9 or more matches for any member club or clubs in any higher divisions. The Member Club found to be in breach of the playing condition in a match shall take no points from that match. The opponent club in the match will take the points it actually achieved in the match. 

20 points shall be deducted from the Member Club found to be in breach of this playing condition. The Executive Committee shall have an overriding discretion to waive all or any part of the penalties in exceptional circumstances. All allegations of breaches of the playing condition must be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the Essex League by any Member Club within 14 days of the alleged breach and the Executive Committee shall make and notify their decision to the Clubs within 14 days of the receipt of any complaint. 


Any issues let me know


Thomas Clarke


HFEL Chairman