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Girls Cricket 2025 Season ECB Requirement

20 Jun 2024

Morning all,

We have been asked by the ECB to send this to all clubs:

“For the 2025 season, clubs who play in the 1st XI Premier Division and 1st XI Division 1 will be required to have at least one active girls team at the club within that season. All clubs within the league are encouraged to start and maintain a girls' section.”


Please can all clubs complete this form - so that the league can understand how much girls' cricket is currently taking place at clubs. There is also a place on the form to ask questions to the ECB that we will send over to them.


Please can each club fill in this Google Form by July 5th 2024.


I realise that this is going to throw up a load of questions, some that the league cannot answer at this time, but we have attempted to answer a few below.

Q What will be the penalty for not having a girls team?

A We don’t know for sure, but suspect this will be the same as if not having three junior hardball teams in the Premier Division.

Q What does an active girls team mean?

A We don’t know the current exact requirements, but believe that it would mean playing in a minimum of one match within 2025. 

Q The ECB has announced extra funding for the Women and Girls game, will this be passed to the league/clubs?

A We don’t know, but will be pressing ECB on this.

Q We don’t currently have a girls' section, does that mean we are going to be relegated in 2025?

A No, Clubs will be given the chance to meet all requirements by the end of 2025. Asking clubs halfway through a season to set up a girls section and play matches by the end of 2024 is not something that the league would do.

Q We want to get started with setting up a girls team - any suggestions?

A Speak to your county representative, but Dynamos is a great place to start, you can set up a girls-only summer camp through Dynamos for example.

Q What support will the league be giving clubs?

A The league will be talking to the county and its specialists within the women and girls' game to get advice on how to support all member clubs, no matter what position they currently find themselves in, around the subject.

Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman