Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

League Update - Use Of Video Live Streaming

31 Aug 2021


We have had several incidents this season to do with Live Streaming. I want to send out a few reminders to clubs.

  1. Live streaming is not a Decision Referral System - Video should not be used to appeal any umpire decisions and that anyone approaching umpires after games to discuss or question decisions will be leaving themselves open to disciplinary action.

  1. Any clips of players or members of a club that are published on social media are not to be used to criticise or vilify any player, umpire or official. In the event of a breach, disciplinary action will be considered.

  1. Commentary - any disparaging remarks about officials, players, clubs or the league may lead to disciplinary action. 

  1. Clubs are responsible for the actions of their players. Where instances of videoing of umpiring are used to criticise decisions and where League regulations are breached, individual players could be punished in line with the League’s disciplinary code. A club failing to take effective measures to prevent players or members from observing the above could be subject to League disciplinary measures.

  1. The league is currently talking to the ECB and will be updating our rules following their advice on how video can be used around disciplinary reports and incidents from matches.



Thomas Clarke


HFEL Chairman