Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

Start Times For Matches This Saturday

30 Jun 2021

We have had several clubs approach us to ask if start times for the matches can be brought forward on Saturday so that players can return to their clubs to watch the England football quarter final.

We have a discussed as a committee and decided the following:

  •  Start times for this coming Saturday 3rd July can be brought forward half an hour to 12 noon.
  •  1st XI Premier Division matches will stay as 11am starts.
  •  Both teams involved in a match need to agree to the earlier start.
  •  All Umpires etc must be informed of the earlier start if applicable.
  •  If the match does start half an hour earlier then all relevant regulations must also be brought forward half an hour - Last hour will be half an hour earlier for example.
  •  The game cannot be extended from the length of time spelt out in the regulations - if there is rain etc - you can't extend a game by an extra half an hour.

Please talk to your oppositions if you would like to bring the match forward and make sure everyone knows in advance what is planned. This should leave plenty of time for a full match to be played and for players to reach their TV of choice before 8pm.

It goes without saying that Covid protocols on and off the pitch continue to need to be followed - latest advice can of course be found at https://www.ecb.co.uk/covid-19

Any questions or comments please let me know.


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman