Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

Final Update - Including Overseas Players

23 Apr 2021

Evening all,

The weather forecast looks good for tomorrow so we are all very hopeful that the League Cup will return after its 2020 hiatus - and the league season will begin for 1st XI Division 3.

This will be a new moment in the history of the league with the first time we will have Associate Member clubs playing in the proper league format. I wish the associate members and all the full members of the league the very best this season.

Ball Delivery 

It was great to see so many people while delivering the cricket balls to clubs this week. It was great to hear so many positive stories.

We will confirm when the rest of the balls and stumps will be delivered in the near future.


Don’t forget to print out a teamsheet to be filled out by your club and can be photographed by your opposition and umpires before the match. 


Overseas Players

We finally were able to get full confirmation on the regulations for overseas players from the ECB.

Thankfully it sounds like the process is now going to be a much simpler one than was in place.

Overseas players can start working off the 210 days that they need to be in the country to be classified as a Category 1 player as soon as they arrive in the country. They must have been in the country for 210 days by March 31st of the year that the season is being played. 

So basically any player entering the country from before September 2nd 2020 would be classed as Category 1.

The only reason why this wouldn’t be the case is if the player is on a visa that classes them as a professional player or is classed as a home grown player in another country.



Category 1:

Players who are deemed 'Ordinarily Resident'* and have been in England and Wales

for a minimum of 210 days per year between 01 April and 31 March following their first

year of entry and are deemed to be 'Home Players' in England & Wales. 

Category 2:

Players who have a contract with a county club or are on the MCC Groundstaff.


Category 3:

Players not deemed 'Ordinarily Resident' - anyone who has been in the country for fewer than 210 days before March 31st of the year of the season. Or is a ‘Home Player’ in a different country to England & Wales.

Category 3 exempt category has now been removed - these players would now just be Category 1 players in almost all cases.

As per our Rules no club may field more than one Category 3 player in an XI.

I hope that clears up must questions over the overseas process. Of course do let me know if any clarity is required.

Play Cricket

Cricket is going to be with us from tomorrow - let’s make sure to complete the results and update scorecards as quickly as possible with the result confirmed by both clubs. The league do not want to deduct points, but we will have to if the admin is not done correctly.

I wish all clubs the very best 2020 season - stay safe.


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman