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HFEL Full Update - Plus Pre Season Meeting final reminder

16 Apr 2021

Evening all,

A far too long update from me below - but we are having to deal with a lot at the moment to try and get the league ready for action next week. 

Pre Season Meeting

Final reminder we have a pre season meeting this Sunday 18th April at 10.30am - Zoom details have been sent to club reps, chairs and secretaries. 1 rep from each club to attend.

Any club that fails to attend will receive a £100 fine.

Player Registrations

ECB have decided to change the player registrations and as a Premier League we need to follow their new wording. I originally flagged this a while ago but have only now had confirmation on wording below


All Premier Leagues must ensure that their registration procedures identify the categories of players as shown below.  


Category 1:

Players who are deemed 'Ordinarily Resident'* and have been in England and Wales

for a minimum of 210 days per year between 01 April and 31 March following their first

year of entry and are deemed to be 'Home Players' in England & Wales. 


Category 3:

     Players not deemed 'Ordinarily Resident'. No team shall field more than 2 Category 3 players**

*For the purposes of ECB Premier League Cricket "Ordinarily Resident" is determined by the Premier League Executive Committee or Premier League Registration Secretary on the basis that the player has been resident in England and Wales for a minimum of 210 days per year. This information should be evidenced through bank statements and/or utility bills. 


**For 2021 season, Premier Leagues that allow overseas 'amateurs' and overseas 'professionals' can continue to allow 2 players before reverting to 1 player in 2022 season as most Premier Leagues and ECB National Club competitions allow 1 player.

The above wording will be adopted by the league for the 2021 season and will be voted on at the AGM in November.

We are getting full clarification on timings for Category 3 players and when they can start to work off their 210 days. We will pass on any clarifications asap.

As a league we have the choice to keep Category 2 players (Contracted players that are spelt out in Rule 13) as part of our registration of players - and the league exec believe it is wise to keep that Rule in place.

Category 2 Players

As noted above Rule 13 of the league’s Organisation and Playing conditions covers contracted players. These are players contracted to a county club or who are on the MCC groundstaff.

Please be aware that clubs can only have one contracted player play in a match - unless the players were playing for that club when they were awarded their first contract. In which case the “homegrown players” are allowed to play alongside one other non-homegrown contracted player.

The reason I mention this is because of several questions that have been raised recently.

Covid Restrictions Car Sharing - League Game Cancellations

You will all have seen the ECB guidance, which is being updated regularly at this link https://www.ecb.co.uk/covid-19

One of the issues that clubs are all having to deal with at the moment is how to deal with car sharing. At the moment all car sharing with people outside of your household for sport is banned (it’s illegal).

We are aware clubs and players are all working to try and make sure games are fulfilled - including:

  • Asking parents of younger members to drop off and collect players after the game

  • Planning to get to matches by public transport

  • Booking individuals taxis (taxis can not be car shared either… other than the driver and passenger)

As a league we want to make sure the clubs do everything they can to try and fulfil fixtures, but we are also realistic.

So for league matches up to and including May 15th the league will allow clubs to cancel the match of an XI if the XI is unable to reach an away fixture due to Covid-19 restrictions. Both XIs in the fixture would be awarded 6 points.

After May 15th the same Covid guidelines as communicated previously would take place, with a club having to cancel their lowest XI’s fixture if they have to call off a match due to Covid-19 reasons. 

Suggested Measures for Non-Compliance

The ECB has produced a document that spells out the suggested measures if clubs or members do not comply with Covid Guidance. You can see the measures attached.

As you can see these measures could be quite severe.

Duckworth Lewis - 2nd XI

This will seem a long time ago, but at the AGM in 2019 it was agreed that 2nd XIs would use Duckworth Lewis for rain interruptions in overs fixtures.

This will happen in 2021 - 2nd XIs will be able to use the DLS calculator on the Play Cricket Scorer App - a step-by-step guide can be found here https://images.secure-club.com/clubs/4852/docs/Rules%20and%20Regulations/2021/15%20-%20Duckworth%20Lewis%20Calculator%20Step%20By%20Step%20Guide.docx

Trophies and Pennants for 2020

We still plan to award these to clubs when we can meet face to face.

Safe Hands

All clubs should now be on the Safe Hands system - a reminder that all clubs must complete the process by July 31st. Failure to do so could result in severe disciplinary action. 

Teamsheet/Umpire Cards

For safety and insurance reasons it is still vital that all teams fill out and sign a teamsheet before each match. Due to Covid this has become trickier.

So the league has created its own A4 template teamsheet (see attached) this can be printed out, filled in and signed by a captain prior to the toss - the opposition captain or umpires can then take a photograph of the teamsheet so they can have a record of it during and after a match has taken place.


Due to the delays in any concrete announcements from the ECB until very late in the day it has led to high demands on our ball supplier.

Therefore clubs who have home matches on the 24th April and 1st May will either have balls delivered - or contacted for how they can pick up balls for those matches. While the rest of the balls and the stumps that were ordered will be delivered separately in the next fortnight.

For matches on the 24th and 1st May home clubs will provide both balls - rest of the matches clubs will provide a ball each.

Minute’s Silence This Saturday at 3pm

The ECB has asked that all recreational cricket stops to mark a minute of silence to remember HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh at 3pm on Saturday 17th April.

There is no league action on that day, but please take appropriate action on Saturday.


I realise there is a lot to digest in this email - and I will be more than happy to attempt to answer any questions on Sunday at the pre season meeting, or over email.

Thanks as ever for your huge efforts again - we are very close to what I am sure will be a fantastic season.


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman