Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

League Cup Matches Tomorrow

03 May 2024

With yet more rain impacting us all, we understand that some games will not be able to be played.

A reminder on the rules of the League Cup

In the event of no decision being reached in a match because of inclement weather, inability to rearrange a fixture before the deadline date, or for any other reason then in the last resort the decision shall be made by the toss of a coin between the two captains when both are present. In the event of the captains not being able to be present, the tossing of a coin shall be referred to the Committee. (N.B. If both captains wish to resolve the decision of the match by another means, e.g. bowling at stumps, then such a decision will be accepted by the Committee). It is also possible to rearrange such a fixture but this must be done within 14 days of the cancelled match.

Full League Cup Rules are here https://images.secure-club.com/clubs/4852/docs/Rules%20and%20Regulations/2024/03%20-%20Dukes%20League%20Cup%20Regulations.docx

If matches can’t be played tomorrow a club may decide to withdraw from the cup, there will be no penalty for this.

On Tuesday - we will see what position we are in and update all clubs after that.

Let’s hope for a dry week before week 1 of the league season.

Tom Clarke

HFEL Chairman