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League Update

21 Jul 2023

League Update

Wet Weather

We have yet another dodgy forecast for tomorrow’s matches - if your match is impacted by rain please leave details of how many overs were lost, the reductions calculated and the points achieved etc in the notes and highlights. This will make it easier to sort points out during the week. All bonus points for reduced matches have to be inputted manually by the admins, so please help them out.

Discipline Issues - Forfeitted Matches

We have now had two issues where a team has left the field of play and conceded a match, because of a disagreement over an umpiring decision.

Please remind all your captains and members that an integral part of cricket is respect. Including respect for your opponents and the umpire. Especially accepting the umpire’s decision.

Spirit of Cricket can be read here https://www.lords.org/mcc/the-laws-of-cricket/preamble-to-the-laws-spirit-of-cricket

The two clubs involved have had penalty points deducted, they have been given a first and final warning as a club and the captain given a ban. 

Any future instances from clubs will be dealt with accordingly.

I hope the weather does stay dry this weekend, in Manchester as well as for the Essex League.

Any issues let me know.

Tom Clarke

HFEL Chairman