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Eid al-Adha Update

06 Jul 2022

Following the message that was sent out on Friday (see below), the league committee has received several requests and messages from clubs and their opposition.

Following these communications the committee has agreed the following.

"For any match that cannot be played on Saturday 9th July due to high levels of unavailability due to Eid al-Adha - both clubs will receive 10 points each."

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If a match in a higher XI is called off, the league committee expects that players who would usually be playing in those XIs not to appear in a match at a lower level. This is not an opportunity for clubs to play stronger XIs in lower leagues.

As per the message on Friday the committee needs to know about every match that is impacted by 12noon on Wednesday 6th July - email me at tpc1981@hotmail.com

A reminder that we are being flexible to allow some cricket to be played, but for some members of clubs to still be able to celebrate with their friends and family if they wish.

Any further questions please get in touch.

Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman



Original Update below

Hamro Foundation Essex League is aware that Eid al-Adha takes place next Saturday 9th July.

We realise that for some member and associate member clubs who have a majority Muslim membership fulfilling fixtures as usual on that day may be a struggle.

For July 9th only the league will allow some alterations to playing conditions and rules to occur, so as to attempt to allow for as much cricket to happen as possible within the league.

This includes the following (clubs may wish to put in other request not listed below) 

1 Changes to start and end times of matches if required.

2 An overs match can be played instead of a time match.

3 Matches can be rearranged to be played on a Sunday or bank holiday, as long as this is done before the final Saturday of the league season.

4 Concessions do not have to be for a club’s lowest XI on July 9th.

Impact to points etc

1 If a match is conceded it will not count towards a club XI's number of concessions in a season.

2 If a match does have to be conceded the league will decide on the number of points awarded to each club XI.

3 If a match is arranged for another day - no player that plays for a different XI for a league club on July 9th will be able to play in the rearranged match.

4 If no other league match is played on July 9th (due to weather) in a division where there is a rearranged match the rearranged match may be classed as abandoned by the league.

Both clubs must agree to the final decision on any impacted fixture - if no agreement is possible between the clubs the league will make a decision.

Ideally there should be as few changes as possible - clubs should try to fulfil their fixtures on the 9th July - we would expect clubs that only have a large amount of unavailability to be requesting changes.

With all changes we realise that there will be some disruption, we ask that all clubs try to work with each other in as amicable and respectful way as possible - and that the Spirit of Cricket is remembered in all aspects. 

All changes must be cleared by Essex League Committee - requests for changes should be done in email and sent to Chairman Thomas Clarke before 12noon on Wednesday 6th July - email him on tpc1981@hotmail.com

If your club does need to make a request the first port of call should be to talk to your opposition - then following conversations, please contact the league.

Any questions or comments please get in touch.


Thomas Clarke

Hamro Foundation Essex League Chairman