Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

League Update and Checklist

29 Apr 2022

Afternoon all,

The league season starts tomorrow with 1st XI Division 3 fixtures, while the League Cup round 2 also takes place.

We are looking forward to having the full league program kicking off on 7th May.

Ahead of the season I wanted to give all officials and captains an update to help with organisation and to answer any questions you may have.


All clubs should now have received their league balls, either through the post or picked them up from Morrants in person. If this hasn’t happened please contact Morrants.

For all matches each club should provide one league ball each, for both home and away fixtures.


For all clubs the format of the games is the same - first 5 weeks will be overs, next 9 will be time and final 4 will be overs again. (1st XI div 3 the first 6 weeks are overs). All matches return to pre-covid timings - rules and regs can be found here https://www.essexcricket.com/pages/page_34628/Rules-and-Regulations.aspx


Reminder of the situation agreed at the AGM.

1st and 2nd XI matches will have teas provided by home clubs for all players and officials - this is mandatory.

3rd XI and below - teas do not need to be provided by clubs and players will bring their own refreshments. Unless clubs agree beforehand that a tea will be provided. Clubs will need to communicate between themselves. The standard procedure for 3rd XI and below will be that no teas will be provided.


1st XI have two umpires provided by the league for each match. However due to a shortage of umpires, which is impacting all leagues across the country, there may be matches in 1st XI Division 3 where no umpires can be appointed. It will be down to the players to officiate the match, unless there are club volunteers that would like to assist (exactly the same as every other match in the league).


For all 1st XI matches clubs must provide a scorer - that is for home and away matches. Failure to do so will result in the loss of a point.

Duckworth Lewis

All 1st XI and 2nd XI matches will be subject to Duckworth Lewis calculations if interrupted due to the weather.

1st XI home clubs must have a device and printer on hand to print out D/L sheets for the umpires.

Failure to have a correct device and working printer for when a D/L calculator is required in a 1st XI match will result in the match being forfeited by the home side.

Play Cricket Scorer Pro can be downloaded here https://www.play-cricket.com/features-playcricketscorerpro 

Version 2018 is the one to use.


If you do not use Play Cricket Score Pro specific software can be sent to you by Arfan Arfan.Akram@essexcricket.org.uk

2nd XIs can use printers, but it is not mandatory for 2nd XIs - we recommend having the Play Cricket Scorer app downloaded so that calculations can be done easily.

Registering Players/Overseas Players

We have had a huge increase in nominations this week, including many for overseas players.

Reminder that to register an overseas player a Play Cricket nomination must be completed as with every player - but also this form must be completed https://images.secure-club.com/clubs/4852/docs/Rules%20and%20Regulations/2022/14%20-%20Essex%20League%20Overseas%20Player%20Registration%20Form%202022.docx

Overseas players cannot play until their registration has been confirmed.

When you have done a player registration for an overseas or standard player please do not follow up with an email to either Paul or myself. We have had an unhealthy amount of emails this week, and they are impacting the time it takes to register players.

If you are struggling with Play Cricket including login details or needing to edit anything to do with players or your own club please do not contact the league - go through the Play Cricket Helpdesk.


Please take time to digest the rules - especially around results - that can be found on the Rules and Regs page https://www.essexcricket.com/pages/page_34628/Rules-and-Regulations.aspx

1st XI results should be uploaded by Saturday night with scorecards before Monday.

Captain Reports

All 1st XI league games require both captains to fill in a form that marks umpires etc.

These reports are generated through play cricket, so please keep an eye out for them.

As ever if there are ever any positive or negative remarks required for any non-1st XI match please use the exception report form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJ4nX05dmXKlgUT7h1LnywVJkJSbbZlOkjoihVMhlkomuEgQ/viewform

Covid/Saliva on Cricket Ball

We are thankful that there are currently no Covid restrictions in place. However we have decided as a league to adopt the no-saliva rule on cricket balls for this season. The law will be officially adopted in October. Sweat is allowed to be used on the ball, saliva and any other substance other than sweat is not permitted.

You can read more about this and get a link to the full wording here https://www.lords.org/lords/news-stories/mcc-announces-new-code-of-laws-from-1-october-2022


I would like to finish by wishing everyone celebrating Eid at the start of next week a fantastic time with their families and friends.

I look forward to a fun and competitive season ahead.

As ever if you have any questions or comments please get in touch.


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman