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HFEL End of Year Update - Please Read

17 Dec 2021

Divisions for 2022

The Divisions for 2022 have  been set up and can be viewed here 


It is important that every club checks the number of XIs for their clubs and they are in the expected divisions.

Please email Sandeep if any issues spathak32@gmail.com 

Fixture Requirements

If any clubs has specific issues with certain dates in 2022 around their fixtures - it is important that Sandeep knows.

For example - do you share your ground with a different club, or a club in a different league, or is there a summer fete on a date etc. 

Again please let Sandeep know if your clubs needs any specific requirements spathak32@gmail.com 

League Cup Draw

It was heartening to see the Champions League draw this week as it showed that we aren’t the only organisation to have slight issues when completing a cup draw.

The league cup draw can be seen in full here https://www.essexcricket.com/newsstory/newsid_140695/default.aspx and here https://essexcl.play-cricket.com/website/cup/56843

As ever clubs are expected to play 2nd XI reverse fixtures over those first few weekends - please talk to your opposition to confirm.


The T20 hosts have been contacted to try and work out dates that suit them to host the first group day (different Bank Holidays in 2022 than usual) - we will announce dates etc in due course.

Extra Balls

For anyone that may need extra league balls please can you contact Andrew Pearson by the end of the year - his email is apearson.shipping@ntlworld.com

Please do let him know if you want Red or Pink balls and either Prem or standard quality when ordering.


Thank you to the clubs that brought trophies to the AGM so that we could hand them out to the new winners. There were several clubs who failed to do this - please can any club that won a division contact the winners of the 2019 divisions to sort out collection.

2021 league tables - https://essexcl.play-cricket.com/Competitions?season=222

2019 league tables - https://essexcl.play-cricket.com/Competitions?season=76

To finish I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope that we are able to have a successful and enjoyable 2022.


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman