Hamro Foundation Essex League News story


06 Aug 2021

Safe Hands

Thank you to all clubs who put in so much work to make themselves Safe Hands compliant before the deadline.

ECB is now looking at all clubs and will be confirming Clubmark status in the near future.

1st XI Division 3 Format

The games being played on the 7th August will be Overs games for the matches being played in 1st XI Division 3. All other divisions swap back to Overs on Saturday August 14th.

Last 4 Games

For the final 4 league games Rule 15 comes into place - this counts for matches from next Saturday 14th August - we will send out how clubs need to get in contact with the league on Monday.


15.      a. No member club shall, without the sanction of the Executive Committee made by 2.00 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the date of a match, play any player in such match in any of the 2nd XI Divisions or Divisions 9-14 during the last four matches of any season of the Essex League who has played during that season in 9 or more matches for any member club or clubs in any higher divisions.

b. The Member Club found to be in breach of the playing condition in a match shall take no points from that match. The opponent club in the match will take the points it actually achieved in the match. 

c. 20 points shall be deducted from the Member Club found to be in breach of this playing condition. The Executive Committee shall have an overriding discretion to waive all or any part of the penalties in exceptional circumstances. All allegations of breaches of the playing condition must be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the Essex League by any Member Club within 14 days of the alleged breach and the Executive Committee shall make and notify their decision to the Clubs within 14 days of the receipt of any complaint. 

Any questions let me know.


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman