Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

Time Games start tomorrow

11 Jun 2021

Final reminder that all league games will be Time matches tomorrow.

All games will be played in whites with a red ball tomorrow

Regulations for all divisions listed below. 

1st XI Premier Time Regulations https://images.secure-club.com/clubs/4852/docs/Rules%20and%20Regulations/2021/05%20-%201st%20XI%20(Premier)%20Timed%20Regulations%202021.docx

(Slight alteration in timings to reflect 10 minutes shorter lunch break for Covid)

11am - 1.20pm morning session

1.20pm - 1.50pm Lunch

1.50pm - 4.30pm Afternoon session includes 10 minute-break for innings change

4.30pm - 4.50pm Tea

4.50pm - 7.10pm Evening Session (6.10pm - Last hour)

1st XI (Non Premier) 2nd XI, 3rd XI Time Regulations


4th XI Time Regulations


Please take time to read the regulations before your match tomorrow.

Best of luck - hope you have a great game


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman