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Ball Delivery - Action Required for remaining clubs - Plus More Updates

02 Apr 2021

Ball Delivery - Action Required for remaining clubs

Ball Delivery

Half of clubs have not filled in the contact details for ball delivery - please check your club has filled in the sheet that has been sent to league delegates


 Clarifications on last week’s communication

Thanks for the clubs who reached out and asked questions 

  • Covid Cancellations - as per the league rules if a club has to call off a game due to Covid reasons, or any other reason,  the club must call off the match for their lowest XI e.g - if you have four XIs who play in the league the 4th XI would have their game cancelled.

  • Duckworth Lewis - Last week I mentioned that all 1st XIs will use the Duckworth Lewis software on Play Cricket Scorer. And that they will need a printer. To clarify this - clubs are recommended to have the correct software and printer, but due to the issues with Covid, if a club does not have access to a printer then they must make sure there is access to the software and that scoreboards will then need to be updated in the appropriate way. Captains should certainly download the app onto their mobile device.

Travel to games

Please note the below received from the ECB regarding car sharing:


Is car sharing permitted for sport and physical activity?


No. Car sharing is not permitted with someone from outside your household or your support bubble unless your journey is undertaken for an exempt reason. Sport and physical activity is not an exempt reason, so you cannot car share for sport and physical activity

This looks like being in place until some point in May.

The league is currently looking into if we need to do anything - however of course car sharing occurs no matter how close the two teams are geographically.

Clubs should start looking into making plans for how to get their XIs to games if car sharing can’t take place at the start of the season.

My availability 

I have a very busy next 10 days with work and family commitments so may be a little slower responding than usual. 

Please do email me if you have any questions and I will get back to you ASAP


Thomas Clarke

HFEL Chairman