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HFEL 2021 League Season Update

12 Mar 2021


HFEL 2021 League Season Update


Good afternoon,

I was hoping to give you a full update on the ECB’s roadmap to cricket returning this week and how that would impact the league.

Unfortunately the ECB have decided to delay the publication of the roadmap until at least the 22nd March.

Everything that I have heard from the ECB suggests that cricket will return in early April and that we will have very similar restrictions to the ones we faced in 2020. However there could be more restrictions and admin for clubs to organise, at this point we just do not know.

We know that there are many questions that clubs have, and I am as disappointed as you are that we don’t have more information at this point.

However the league does feel that there are decisions that we can make now that will help all clubs.

The league is therefore proposing the following for the 2021 season

  • No organised teas before July 1st  - players and officials to bring their own food and drink (as per 2020 season), a decision on whether teas will change for the rest of the season at the end of May.

  • League Cup to be redrawn so that the matches in the first weeks are played between clubs that are geographic neighbours (as much as possible) - new draw to be released soon.

  • 1st XI Div 3 fixtures Week 1 and 2 - we don’t feel that these need to be rearranged at the moment as the majority of fixtures are already reasonably local.

  • 50% of League Fees will be invoiced half way through the season - with the remaining at the end of the season - hopefully this helps clubs with financial planning.

  • Balls to be mailed to clubs in advance of the season (the stumps clubs ordered will also be delivered at that time)

  • We will hold a pre season meeting in April over Zoom 

We will have further updates on length of matches, umpire payments, travel to grounds, T20, start times etc when we are able to.

Safe Hands

This is a new system that the ECB is slowly pushing out to all clubs. Every HFEL member and associate member must have completed this process by the end of July. If you have yet to receive your club’s invitation it should be with you soon.

Overseas and Overseas exempt players

As mentioned in previous communications the ECB will be providing new guidelines - they again should be with us soon. 

Restrictions and Punishments

Not something that I hope I have to mention again this year.

All clubs, playing members and officials must continue to follow the guidelines that we have provided to us from the ECB and the Government.

Cricket is still banned at our clubs including all matches, coaching and training until at least March 29th.

If over the season we are informed that anyone is not following the guidelines then we will have no hesitation in acting quickly and firmly to discipline the offenders.

The league committee is very hopeful that when we get started that we can have a successful 2021 league season.

If any questions or comments let me know


Tom Clarke

HFEL Chairman