Hamro Foundation Essex League News story

Hamro Foundation Essex League Update

05 Feb 2021


Good Evening,

It has been a little while since I updated you all, so I thought now would be a good time.


As per the communication last week, all the fixtures have now been added to play cricket - https://essexcl.play-cricket.com/Matches 

If you have not already please do check your club’s matches.

The fixture committee have worked extremely hard to produce this very complicated set of fixtures. With 176 XIs, 46 clubs, 17 Divisions and 3 leagues to deal with.

The fixtures will never be 100% to everyone’s liking - but please understand the hard work and complications the committee have had to deal with. 

I am happy that we have a set of matches scheduled that,  with a bit of luck, will be fully played this season.

If anyone does have fixture issues please contact Sandeep - spathak32@gmail.com

ECB Updates and 2021 Season Plans

I recently sat in on an ECB Premier League Chairman’s call - on that the ECB were hopeful that we would be able to have something like a normal season in 2021.

However it is clear that some restrictions will of course still be in place - as per 2020.

The league committee is keeping a close eye on all developments, and will act accordingly.

We expect to make decisions on teas, league fees, balls and formats in the next month or so and will update all clubs in due course.

Insurance and Safe Hands 

Clubmark changes continue, with all HFEL clubs needing to complete the Safe Hands Management System this year, when invited to do so.

The Safe Hands Management System has been designed to help clubs track compliance with safeguarding standards, assisting clubs in ensuring all individuals involved in the running of the club have valid qualifications for their roles. The single central record will bring together IT systems from across the game, sharing information on DBS and Safe Hands Qualifications to start with and further qualifications to be added at a later date.

Alongside this the ECB are offering a FREE insurance policy for clubs that successfully complete Safe Hands.


The ECB’s game wide insurance policy will commence from the 1st February and applications are via the Risk Assessment section of the Safe Hands Management System. Further details of the scheme can be found here – https://www.howdengroup.com/uk-en/ecb-insurance-centre .


If your next insurance renewal date is between the 1st February and 1st March inclusive, then please also click here –



This is a very helpful offering that should save all league member clubs money.

Club and Member Support

We are all still wading through very tough circumstances. If any club has particular fears or simply want a chat please do reach out either by email or phone.

Stay safe.

Thomas Clarke

Hamro Foundation Essex League Chairman