Shepherd Neame Essex League News story

New SNEL Fixtures For 2020

13 Jul 2020

Good morning,


I hope that many of you were able to enjoy playing your first game of cricket over the weekend. I certainly woke up on Sunday morning and my body was aching in areas I had forgotten had muscles.


I also hope that all clubs were able to get their heads round the guidance from the ECB and the Government.


The committee and especially the fixtures sub-committee have been incredibly busy over the last few days – and I am happy to say that the fixtures for the 2020 season – starting this Saturday 18th July are now ready.




Please find attached fixtures for the 2020 season as a PDF – these will uploaded to play cricket over the next few days.


SNEL Fixtures 2020.pdf


As expected, creating the fixtures in such a sport space of time and bearing in mind we have mixed up all XIs has been somewhat challenging.


The fixtures are by no means perfect, which is not possible for a 9-week season anyway, but we have done our best.


Below is a summary of the issues that we are aware of which we feel are acceptable given the circumstances, and we hope all our clubs agree and are just thankful that we have some competitive cricket on the horizon


  • Colchester 1s and 2s both at home in week 8 – they have two pitches so no issue.


  • Hutton 1s and 2s both at home in week 5 – they have two pitches and their 3s and 4s are both away


  • Billericay 1s and 2s both at home in week 2 – they have two pitches but their 4s also have a home game but they could ask to use Wickford’s 3rd XI ground as it should be free


  • Oakfield Parkonians 5s need a pitch for Sat 18th July


  • Southend 2s need a pitch for Sat 18th July


  • Springfield 1s need a pitch for Sat 12th Sept


  • Some clubs have either 1s and 2s or 3s and 4s both away on occasions and this has been unavoidable.


  • The split of home and away games for each team in the division is not always split 4 to 5 – occasionally some teams have a split of 6 to 3.



As ever do please take a look at the fixtures - any challenges that you have please try to work out at your club how you are going to overcome them.


Rules and regulations for playing the games and the T20 tournament details will be released over the next day or so.


Friendly and Ground Finding


If you need help finding a friendly or indeed a ground over this season Graham Pryke sends out very handy email each week with details on  -


I would like to once again thank all the member clubs for their cooperation over the last couple of weeks – and also the guys on the fixture sub committee who have put in the amazing work to get us in this position to get the league restarted.


If you need to chat you know how to get hold of me.




Thomas Clarke


SNEL Chairman