Shepherd Neame Essex League News story

SNEL New League Tables + Restart Of Cricket

09 Jul 2020

Good evening,

Restart Of Cricket

You will all have now seen the advice from the ECB around the return of cricket - full announcement and guidelines can be found here:

I cannot advise more that all member clubs should take time to read and then act on the guidelines above.

As a league we will also be presenting advice over the next week to make sure all clubs are aware of what is expected of them - if clubs do not act on the guidance listed by the ECB and Government then they of course will not be able to participate in the league this season.

What you can do immediately is the following

  • Complete a Risk Assessment for your ground(s)

  • Update play cricket with any new players and make sure to have up to date contact details for all existing members

  • DBS check all of your captains - safeguarding continues to operate and all captains, scorers, coaches, umpires etc should have a DBS check

  • Make sure Club Welfare officers have the correct up to date qualifications, paperwork or are booked on a course.

If you need help with any of the safeguarding checks above please talk to Phil Knappett at the county

Survey Responses 

Thank you to all clubs for taking the time to fill in the survey in a prompt manner.

From the survey and an exec meeting on Wednesday the following has been decided.

  • We will carry out a 9 week league season from 18th July to 12th September inclusive

  • There will be no League Cup due to lack of support for that tournament

  • We will run a T20 competition (more details on that next week)

From the survey, as expected, all clubs had many different requirements, wants and needs. And it was clear from the start that we, as a league committee, were never going to be able to satisfy all our clubs.

The way the divisions have been created is by splitting them into different tiers - we have a Premier tier which is unregionalised - and then a 1st to 4th tier - all with divisions that have been regionalised and matched together for similar strength.

This means that some 1st XIs will be playing 2nd XIs and some 2nd XIs will play 3rd XIs etc.

We feel this was the fairest and safest way for us to create new fixtures at such short notice.  

Also, to fully realise that the divisions are just for this year, we have taken away any numbering and instead replaced them with the names of Essex County Captains or Essex County Players who have captained England.

The new league tables can be seen at this link or in the attached spreadsheet.

We are not looking for comments from clubs on the new league tables - but if there is a glaring issue or problem then of course do get in touch.

Some Of Your Questions Answered

  • Fixtures - these will be produced over this weekend - we will do our best to get them into a shape that works the best for all clubs. However of course at such short notice we cannot take specific requests.

  • Balls - we will be asking our supplier to send out balls from Friday - clubs can now also pick up balls direct from Morrant Sports, which will save on the £6 postage and help the supplier - if you want to do this please contact Andrew Pearson ASAP to arrange a time to pick them up - email

  • Rules and regulations - these are currently being looked at and will be sent over early next week. 

What we can say now is:

    • That matches will be 40 overs an innings for all divisions. 

    • The balls used will be red. 

    • 1st XIs with coloured kits can wear them, but no problem with whites. 

    • Umpires are being asked to cover Premier and 1st Tier matches (if a surplus of umpires exists then they will cover the 1st XIs in Tier 2)

    • There will be no formal tea - but there will be a break between innings.

    • For each division a runner-up and champion will be crowned.

  • Payments for balls and umpires will be invoiced at the end of the season

A Request

As you can imagine the amount of hours having to be put in by your exec committee at the moment is off the scale. We understand that not every club is going to be 100% satisfied with everything that we are arranging. However we ask that before ringing or emailing with a moan you take a breath, look at the big picture and remember how lucky we are to be able to play any sort of cricket at this moment in time.

Please, again, can all clubs act on the points listed above and check the ECB guidance.

If we all work together (and it stops raining) then we can still have a memorable summer of cricket.

As ever if anyone does want a chat then give me a shout.


Thomas Clarke

SNEL Chairman