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Important Update Regarding 2020 League Season

01 May 2020

Good evening,


I hope that you are all well,


Some of you may have already seen an announcement from the Essex Cricket In The Community Adult Participation Group (full announcement attached) around league cricket in 2020.


As part of the APG the Shepherd Neame Essex League agrees with the six points published by the group – and following the announcement the SNEL Exec has also come up with the following clarifications and announcements for the 2020 Shepherd Neame Essex League Season.



  1. No matches in the SNEL, Cup and T20 competitions will take place earlier than Sat 4th July and therefore the first half of the league season will be nulled and voided.
  2. First league games will attempt to be started on Sat July 11th – this is to attempt to play half a season of games (9). The current fixtures as currently published will remain unless XIs inform us that they cannot fulfil the fixtures. We will continue to follow advice from the ECB about whether recreational cricket will be able to be played at this time.
  3. Clubs will be given at least 3 weeks’ notice before any restart to the season.
  4. All matches that can take place in the 2020 SNEL season will be of the limited over format – coloured clothing or whites can be worn by 1st XI Premier or Div 1 1st XIs.
  5. There will be no promotion and relegation from any Divisions for the 2020 season.
  6. Champions and runners-up will still be crowned.
  7. There will still be an application process for clubs outside of the SNEL to join 1st XI Division 3 for the 2021 season – applications commencing in September 2020. The continued question marks over Clubmark will continue to be monitored by the Executive Committee. The committee will take into account the current situation that we are dealing with when looking at all applications.
  8. Overseas players will still be allowed as per the current league rules however we will accept registrations at any point up to the first actual league game of the 2020 season. IE The week 5 deadline no longer applies. Clubs should however diligently review their finances to decide whether this is a good use of their money in the current situation.
  9. Penalties for withdrawing a team from the league will not apply for the 2020 season. Teams will not be removed from their respective divisions for multiple concessions and there will be no point deductions for concessions.
  10. Disciplinary bans that were due to be served in the first weeks of the 2020 league season will be deemed to have been served.
  11. Once games can take place the SNEL Exec will work with clubs to ensure as much cricket is played as is reasonably possible. This may include playing cup matches on Sundays, like we usually do, – or creating cup or regional group mini leagues to be attempted to be played in September and October.


As an exec we are well aware that the above points will not answer all your questions, but we hope they can help you as a club to be able to plan for the future and also take away some current anxieties.

That is why we would welcome your feedback on any of the above - please talk to your committees and members and contact me via email or phone 07763607076 if you want to give any comment, have a question or need clarification.


We will also be sending out fact-finding questions to all clubs in the near future to find out how your club is doing and the impact the current situation is likely to have on you.


Other Updates




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All updates can be found on the Essex website, via the below link:



To date over £800K has been received from Governments Small Business Grant, Sport England Grant, ECB Grants and Loans for the Essex Region. If your club has not applied for any of the funding pots then please find links under the Funding and Financial Support section again via the above website link.


We will update you further when we get more advice from Essex, the ECB or Government – I am due to have another conference call with the ECB next week.


Thank you for taking the time to read this update  – these are of course unprecedented times for the league and you as member clubs. I hope by working together and acting quickly that we can all return to playing matches and socialising together soon.


Thomas Clarke


Shepherd Neame Essex League Chairman