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Shepherd Neame Essex League Update 24/4/2020

24 Apr 2020

Shepherd Neame Essex League Update 24/4/2020


Good evening,


ECB Update


As many of you will have seen the ECB gave an update today – within this statement was a decision to suspend all professional cricket until the start of July.


The full ECB statement with updates can be seen here


This is of course a further blow to us all as cricket fans, but also to the league and our members. Recreational cricket is still suspended until further notice at the moment, but it is clear that the ECB will want some alignment with the professional game.


This week we have had an executive committee meeting and I have also taken part in an ECB conference call and everything is being done to try and get as much cricket as played as possible this year – but above all to make sure that the safety of the public and all the cricket community is put first.


As a league we are aware of the need for as much information as possible to be given to our member clubs so that you can plan ahead. Next week the Adult Participation Group will meet on Wednesday evening and come up with some clear guidance to be given to clubs so as to help clubs in the here and now.


This will include an update on the look and set up of any league that could potentially take place this year.


As soon as that guidance is approved by our committee I will pass it over to you all – we will then also, following that, be asking for more information about your own club positions at this time.


Other points to cover


League Cup games and 1st XI Div 3 League games were due to start tomorrow – these are of course no taking place – clubs do not need to update Play Cricket for these fixtures.


The ECB is looking for feedback from clubs and league – this three questions survey can be filled in here  - Please take the time to fill it in if you have a quick moment.


One bit of good news is that we have been made aware that many of member clubs have been able to secure grants to help secure their futures (some 18 clubs have managed to get £120K so far). If you have not already please do look into the grants and apply where applicable details in the ECB communication link.


 As ever please do continue to communicate with me and email or ring me with any questions or comments.


Stay safe


Thomas Clarke


Essex League Chairman