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11th May Results

12 May 2019

Due to yesterday's weather most games were effected by rain interruptions. The bonus points that are calculated from the entry of the result summary for these games will therefore need to be reviewed and adjusted where the length of the game has been shortened.

The adjustment of bonus points cannot be done by clubs, it has to be done by play cricket admins for the Essex League. 

If you have matches that were reduced in length by rain, please enter the time that was lost and the number of overs that the game was reduced by in the highlights section of the result summary (all results have been unlocked allowing you to do this).

Thank you for all your help and co-operation.

Kind regards,

Paul Frame

Website & Play-cricket Administrator

Shepherd Neame Essex League


09 - 4th XI Timed Regulations 2019.docx, 04 - 1st XI (Non-Premier) 2nd XI 3rd XI Timed regulations 2019.docx, 03 - 1st XI (Premier) Timed Regulations 2019.docx<