Shepherd Neame Essex League News story

Member Management - Player Transfers

08 May 2019

Registration by the Main Administrator:

 a) Visit your club's Play-Cricket Site.
 b) Click “Sign In” on the home page and enter your Username and PasswordYour name will appear in the top right-hand corner.
 c) Click on your name, then Site Administration to enter the Admin Section.
 d) Once in the Admin Section go to Site Management and select the Members link in the menu on the left-hand side.
e) Select “Member Database”, change the role to “Member of the Website” and click Search to give you a list of all your club members.



  f) To create a new member, click on the ‘Add New Member With This Role’ button.
 g) You can now get a player’s details from a previous club or enter the player's information from       scratch.


If the player has come from another Club or County Board, enter their surname into the box, select Club or County Board from the Type dropdown, then enter the name of the Club or County Board in the Keyword field and click Search.



In this example, the search is via a County Board site.



If there are duplicate names, choose the correct record by looking at the Stats



The selected record will be added to the member database. It will also remain on the previous club’s database and it will be up to the Club Administrator from the former club to remove the record. 

Repeat the selection exercise for all clubs that the player may have played for. When all selections have been made, “match” the records so only one remains.

Player Transfers

In this example, a player already registered with a league has applied to play for another club in the same league. A club administrator created the player’s record.



 Now complete the player category field.



Using the data supplied, the system detects that the player is already registered to the league with another club and indicates that the nomination is to be treated as a player transfer. If you do not agree, then you must uncheck the tick box before clicking the Next button.



If you left the Player Transfer box ticked, the next screen will be a questionnaire from the league regarding the transfer as below. Otherwise, it will be a standard nomination.




If you unticked the Player Transfer box, then use the form to record why. The league will still be able to see the records and if there is no good reason to ignore, may well return the registration to you.

When you have completed and saved the details, the league site will be notified.

Note that if the transfer involves two leagues, the current league that the player is registered with will receive a notification as an interested party.

Before submitting a transfer, make yourself aware of your league’s regulations, as these will differ from league to league. The system will not prevent a transfer request that is after a deadline or breaks some other league’s rules, as programming in every specific instance is impossible.

However, your league may decline the transfer, depending on their process.