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Adding a New Player to Your Club's Play Cricket Site (Post GDPR)

03 May 2019

Has the person already registered?

When a person connected with a club has registered with using the Sign Up link there is a process which will make him a pending member of the club site.

If a person already has a login, he may join a Play-Cricket site following the instructions given in this article

The application will appear in the site’s Admin Home ‘Your Actions’ workflow.




Click the ‘View’ icon to see the application details.


The person may be applying to have scorer rights or an administrative role. If you know the applicant, you may click the Edit Roles icon and assign the appropriate role without needing to accept the application first. Play-Cricket will activate the Member of Website role when you do this.

Creating a Player on your Play-Cricket club site.

There are two ways that a player can be created on your Play-cricket site. 

a) Player self-sign-up:

They can sign up themselves by visiting their club's Play-Cricket site and clicking the ‘Sign up’ link that is on the right-hand side.



This would allow the users to enter their own details and apply for membership of the site.

When members have done this, you can approve the application from the Admin Home page, and they will appear in the club's member list.

b) Registration by the main administrator:

  1. Visit your club's Play-Cricket Site. 
  2. Click Sign In on the home page and enter your Username and PasswordYour name will appear in the top right-hand corner
  3. Click on your name, then Site Administration to enter the Admin Section. 
  4. Once in the Admin Section go to Day to Day and select the Members link in the menu on the left-hand side. 
  5. Now select Member Database, change the role to ‘Member of the Website’ and click Search to give you a list of all your club members. (You cannot add a member to the database with Role set to 'All'.)Add_member.jpg
  6. To create a new member, you must click on the ‘Add New Member’ button.
  7. This will give you options to get a player’s details from a previous club or to enter the player's information from scratch.


Member registered with another club

If the player has come from another club or from a county board, enter his/her surname into the box, select Club or County Board from the Type dropdown, then enter the name of the club or county board as the Keyword and click Search.


In this example I have chosen to search a club site.


Choose the correct record based on the Stats if there are duplicate names.


To comply with GDPR, a request for permission to access the record will be generated by Play-Cricket. For a temporary member record this will be via a workflow item in the club’s site, for registered users an email to the player with a link.



Request ‘temporary’ member record

The requesting club’s workflow will look like this:Player_record_awaiting_response.jpg

Click the View icon to see the detail:


The request to access the player’s record will appear in the former club site’s workflow:


When the former club’s administrator views the request, it will be similar to the following example:


The club administrator may authorise access or reject the request. He also has the option to email you for further details.

In the example below, the club administrator is going to authorise access but retain the player’s details at his club.


When authorised, you will get a notification in the administrator’s workflow as below:


Click the ‘View’ icon and you will have the option to match the player record with an existing one or edit the role for him.


Here, the role is being edited to activate the player as a member of the website.


Repeat the selection exercise for all clubs that the player may have played for. When all selections have been made, match the records so only one remains.

If a club administrator rejects your request to access the player record, the notification will appear in the Admin workflow:


When you view the reason for the rejection, you will get an option to add the new record. Selecting this option will take you to the Add New Member screen.


Request Play-Cricket registered member’s record

Adult Player

In the example below, the member record that has been requested from another club is registered with Play-Cricket. i.e. the player, not an administrator, created the record.


You should receive a message indicating that a request has been sent to the user requesting access to their record.


Here is a sample letter issued to an adult player:


The person now has the option to ‘Authorise’ or ‘Reject’ the request.


Registered Player Under 16 Years Old

In this example the search is for a record belonging to a junior player who has been registered with Play-Cricket:



In this case a letter will be sent to the child’s parent(s) requesting authorisation to access the record.


You will receive notifications of authorisation or rejection in the Admin workflow as before.

Here is a sample letter to the parent(s):


One of the parents needs to authorise access for the child’s record.

If one parent authorises and the second tries again, he/she will get a message that the request has already been processed.

If the request is rejected, a notification will appear in the Admin workflow.



View the notification and close the notice or add the new player as required.


If the request is accepted, a notification will appear as below:


View the record and either match it to an existing record or edit the new member’s roles.


Player has not played with another club

If the player has not come from another Play-Cricket club, click the Add Member button to get the following screen:


N.B. The Display Name facility will be available from 20/02/2019. This may be used to differentiate between players of the same name at a club e.g. father and son with the same name, or for safeguarding purposes. The player's real name will be visible to administrators with access to the member database and to league administrators if the player is registered with a league.

Complete the details and include an email address for at least one parent if the player is under 16 years old.

On the next screen, activate a Member of the Website role if you want the person to appear in your member database.


If you add a player as new, a fresh record is created in the Play-Cricket database, which has no stats and no additional roles. As that member is placed onto scorecards the statistics will accumulate and the player can be given additional roles such as league registered player.

Such a player cannot be given any administrator role, as he/she does not have a user id and password to sign in and access the admin area.   

If the record is created with an email address for the new member, the Play-Cricket system will send out an invitation to register with Play-Cricket. The system also checks whether the email address is already registered with Play-Cricket. In this case, the person will receive the following email: