Shepherd Neame Essex League News story

ECB Pre-season updates

31 Mar 2019

To all SNEL clubs and umpires,

Please see below some important updates from the ECB as we move towards the start of the season.

If clubs would like to discuss any of the below topics we can cover this is in the relevant item on Sunday at the Spring meeting or under AOB.


ECB National Club Competitions & Player Eligibility

The Royal London National Club Championship will be returning to the Home of Cricket, Lord’s for this year’s Final on 16th September. Last years’ winners, Richmondshire from Yorkshire will be playing MCC, at Lord’s on 24th April.

The Player Eligibility Regulations for the 2019 season are attached. This version will be used for the two main club competitions and has been sent to all clubs involved in the competitions.

These regulations also cover the SNEL T20 competition – please ensure you make the most of these regulations as one overseas player is now allowed.

Please note that included within these simplified regulations ‘Any player who has represented the men’s team of any ICC Full Member country in the 12 month period up to and including 31 March of the current season will not be permitted to play in any ECB Club Cup Competition match in the current season. This point specifically relates to Cricket Ireland players that represent the country in International T20’s, ODI and Tests.

From 2020 there will be changes to ECB National Club Competitions, providing greater competition and increasing the opportunity for clubs within the recreational pyramid to reach a National final. The Royal London Club Championship will progress towards a ‘Champions League’ style competition with 128 clubs teams competing for a place in the final, hopefully at Lord’s. The Club T20 is planned to expand and include a Plate Competition.


Overseas Players & Managed Migration update


Under new rules introduced on 1st January 2019 some overseas cricketers will be eligible to play for England after living in the country for three years. The changes bring ECB regulations closer to the ICC regulations. These regulations will be introduced into ECB Cup Competitions for 2019 and since the SNEL states that we follow ECB regulations on the subject of qualification for England we will also adopt these changes for the 2019 season – the relevant SNEL generic rule is Rule 12.


 In short, a player will be eligible to play for England if they:-


  • Have British citizenship and
  • Have either been born in England/Wales, or have three years' residence (a total of 210 days/year April-March) and have not played as a local player in professional international or domestic cricket in a full member country within the past three years.

Note:- Under the previous regulations a player would have been ineligible for a longer period, 4 or 7 years.


The Home Office Cricket Overview document issued on December 2018 is attached which details which visas allow players to play and coach etc. Any questions to be directed to


ECB will conduct its annual Player Audit commencing in June.  Over the next week we will be deleting all SNEL registered players en bloc who have not made an appearance in the 2017 or 2018 seasons. Clubs can of course simply re-register any returning players.


MCC Laws - Law 5 – Bat Sizes

Law 5, Bat sizes, which restricts the thickness of edges of bats to 40mm, and the overall depth of bats to 67mm will not be implemented in ECB Premier Leagues, or Minor Counties Cricket in 2019.

The Recreational Assembly on 29 November 2018 confirmed:

“The bat moratorium which was introduced for all recreational cricket for 2018 and following feedback the planned introduction of the new Laws formats will be put back for another season, so for 2019 the moratorium will continue across the whole of the recreational game”.

MCC Laws – Law 41, Unfair Play and Law 42 Conduct - Promoting Positive Player Behaviour

It is important everyone involved in the game from captains to umpires, coaches and administrators understand these Laws and the impact it will have on their role in cricket.

ECB’s Player Behaviour Tool provides guidance on how to implement the Laws and contains some new footage.

Please share with your clubs and officials.  



The ECB concussion website outlines simple steps in relation to the management of a concussion in the game. It is not the responsibility of the umpires to call medical help but if they have concerns regarding a possible head injury they should seek assistance from the person of authority/responsible adult for that team.

Coaches and/or responsible adults are advised to seek medical advice/instruction for any suspected concussion and clearance before allowing a return to play.



Questions have been raised about regarding the interpretation of the Laws regarding beamers in the recreational game. ECB Premier Leagues are advised to follow the Laws as written and not to use the professional game interpretation.