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PCS Pro Version 2.1.1 Announcement & Top 10 Functions

21 Mar 2019

The ECB have announced that version 2.1.1 of Play-Cricket Scorer Pro has now been released.

As with previous updates, please launch PCS Pro from the Start Menu (not the task bar) to detect the update, then close and re-launch PCS Pro again to install it.  If the software does not automatically update, or you’re installing it for the first time, please download it here.


Important Note: Because Play-Cricket Scorer Pro is a server-connected system, and this has been significantly changed for the coming season, all users MUST upgrade to v2.1.1 and will not be able to login or live score until they have done so.


Please also ensure that all support requests for first class and recreational scorers go through the Play-Cricket Help Desk. This can be done within PCS Pro in the ‘Help’ section, or you can email