Shepherd Neame Essex League News story

Overseas Player Registrations for 2019

19 Mar 2019

Please find below details of registering overseas and overseas exempt players for the 2019 season.


As a reminder no overseas or overseas exempt players can play in any league cup or league match unless they have been registered on play cricket and their registration approved by the league.


You will have seen some very high profile issues in other leagues where players have been incorrectly registered leading to relegations etc so please make sure you follow the league, ECB and Home Office rules and guidance.


All SNEL overseas player registrations from 2018 were deleted including overseas exempt players so if you have a player returning to play for your club in 2019 as an overseas or overseas exempt player you will need to re-register him.


The process for registering all overseas players for 2019 is the same as for 2018.


All clubs will need to fill in the overseas player registration online submission form which can be found here:-


This form will also ask that you upload scanned copies of the visa and passport of your player. You will also be asked to sign a declaration and upload - this declaration is also attached to this email and will be on the league website. You cannot submit the above online form until you have all the uploads ready.


Once you have submitted the online form and the associated uploads you can register the player on play cricket in the usual way. His registration will remain as pending until the league are satisfied everything is in order and all documents have been received and signed.


For all queries related to overseas player league registrations please contact the below:-


Paul Frame ( for play cricket registration queries

Dave Evans ( will be reviewing all submissions as they are submitted and will request any extra information as necessary

Andrew Kennedy ( ) for any queries related to eligibility and the latest regulations.


As in previous years, following the overseas player registration deadline for most Premier Leagues, ECB will conduct an audit in early June to ensure that clubs are complying with Home Office policy.